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Kirkland Lake’s Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 87

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The Branch received its charter from Provincial Command March 21, 1927, and has been serving Veterans and the community ever since. Immediately following World War I, there were several organizations across Canada serving the surviving Veterans needs. The Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League was formed in 1925, and received its Dominion Charter July 17, 1926. An act of Parliament created the Canadian Legion in 1959. The Queen granted the title “Royal” in November 19, 1960, and the Royal Canadian Legion came into being by another Act of Parliament 1961.

The first Branch 87 building was on the corner of Woods Street and Government Road, was completed in October 1928. Knowing there were going to be additions to the Legion family after World War II, a second floor and basement were added on. This new building was now the Wright house in honour of Bill Wright (of the Wright Hargreaves Mine) who made a sizable financial contribution to the upgrading of the initial building.

January 21, 1971 saw the Wright Hargreaves Mine’s hoist room and compressor room totally refurbished to be Branch 87’s current location. The lounge is the initial hoist room, the main hall is the old compressor room location. The work done during the summer of 1984 resulted in an entire peaked roof, the game’s room, Larry Brown room, and north side offices, as additions to the initial building, and upgrade insulation throughout. This is an incredible story by itself, and part of the town’s storied history.

The Cenotaph is in the third location. The first Cenotaph was erected on Central School grounds and properly dedicated. In 1959, a re-alignment of Government Road forced the Cenotaph to move to a new location, eventually on the west side of the old arena. A dedication to this Cenotaph was performed September 16, 1962. With the construction of the Ontario Northland Complex, the Cenotaph was moved to its current location, with its dedication October 28, 1990.

The membership of this branch has been as varied as the people of Kirkland Lake themselves. The World War I Veterans (Ordinary members) have unfortunately come and gone. The World War II Veterans (Ordinary members) have come to town, made their families, and made this branch what is it today, and they too, unfortunately are thinning in numbers. The Veterans who have served in Canadian peacekeeping missions (Ordinary members), have again come to settle in town, taking up leadership positions in the Legion, and some have passed on. The Veterans of the Afghanistan missions (Ordinary members) have settled down in the area, and are starting to take their leadership roles in the Legion. In 1972, the Legion allowed sons and daughters (Associate members) of Veterans to join, but not hold office until the 1980 convention.

Interview with John MacDonell - Royal Canadian Legion Branch 87Interview with John MacDonell - Royal Canadian Legion Branch 87




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